Dobson Lab

Dobson Lab

Our research reveals how life works at the molecular level. 

Areas of Research

Proteins are a large family of biopolymers that do (almost) everything in a cell.  Just as life is diverse, so too is the biochemical repertoire that proteins must accomplish.  We are interested in how they do this.  In particular, we look at how the structure and dynamics of a protein leads to its particular function(s) and how these functions are regulated to coordinate cellular metabolism.  We are also interested in the evolution of enzyme function, and conversely its design and manipulation.  Because the cell is a crowed, complex milieu, comprised of very many different biomolecules, we are also interested in how proteins interact with their environment.  A common theme in the lab is the role protein-protein interactions in a variety of biological systems

Dobson Lab Team

We are a chemical biology laboratory-based the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Our team’s interest lies in understanding how nature uses proteins to mediate life, and how we can manipulate proteins to engineer ‘stuff’. Meet our motivated and passionate lab team.


Dobson Lab is located at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Christchurch is a great place to study and a great base to explore Canterbury and New Zealand’s South Island! You can ski, bungy jump, hike, mountain bike, surf, swim, see whales, dolphins and seals, visit and gardens, be entertained and awed, and so much more, all within 2 hours of Christchurch.